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How Long Will It Take to Design and Develop a Website?

Depending up on how complex a website is which is again based on design, number of pages and rework launching a website can take between 5 to 30 or more working days. You can speed up the launch of a website your website once the content.

But we have also designed, developed and launched websites in less than 5 hours also. i think it boils downs to the readyness of content.

Where do I host my website, do you offer Web Hosting Service?

Yes, we offer FREE web hosting for the first year for sites we have developed, from the next year on wards we charge INR 2500 / Year.

Our web servers are located in Mumbai, India.

Where are you located?

We are located in Manipal Center, MG, Road, Bangalore, India. We also do Face to Face meetings on request at your continent place or office.

How Much dose it cost to build a website?

Depending upon how complex the project is a website can cost from INR 8000.

The cost of a web site can go down if you use a website template or pre-made design, but the design won’t be unique as it will be used across multiple websites.

Will i be able to update/edit my website myself?


How To Regiester A Domain?

How To Regiester A Domain?

What Are the components of a website?

What Are the components of a website?

Whats a Domain Name?

Whats a Domain Name?

What Kind of Support Do You Offer

What Kind of Support Do You Offer

From where all can my website be accesed / viewed

Your website once its its launched can be viewed my anyone around in the world.

How Long will it take to come in Google and other Search Engies

Your site will be indexed by google with in a week they will start to display your page for search, however it will take 6 to 8 months for the entire process to complete.

Is there any way to come on top of the Google search results?

Yes, there are multiple options for your site be on top of Google.

1. Using Google Adwords (A Payed advertising program from Google which will put our websites link on top of the search results. Effects are immediate.)
2 Search Engine Optimization.

Do you do face to face meetings

Yes, if our clients are in Bangalore, we do face to face meeting with and try to understand your project and requirements. clients outside of Bangalore unless its a required are through skype or email.

How do i know how many people visited my website?

Google Analaitis

Will my Website Work Correctly on Mobile, Tablets & Desktops?

Yes, all websites we design and develop will work on Mobile, Tablet & Desktops, in other words all our sites are responsive.

What are the tools you use for web design & development?

Design: "Affinity Designer".
Development IDE: Atom from GitHub, Adobe Brackets, Notepad++ etc.
Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, SQL. it’s a big list.
Frameworks: Bootstrap, jQuery, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Laravel, CakePHP etc.
Database: MySQL

What are the things i need to give you so that you can start developing my site

i will need the content few images, your gallery images etc

Do you reject web development requests

No we we dont reject any of the web development requests.. but if we get queries on to develop sites or content which are considered illegal under the Indian Penal Code or shabby we will not go ahead with the project.