Question Answer

How much disk space do I need for my website?

Depends on the type of website. Regular business websites do not use much space. Basis our experience, websites occupy between 20 MB (for a 10-page website) to 500 MB (for big corporate & e-commerce websites (with 100+ pages). Just to benchmark, Wikipedia, one of the biggest information websites is around 3.5 GB in size.
Also, if your website has a huge number of hits, a server with a higher capacity would be required to handle the same. Your best strategy should be to start with a small plan and upgrade to higher plans when required i.e. if your website has more traffic.

How do you sell Hostgator plans for a lesser rate?

We try to determine exactly what our customer wants before a purchase is initiated. We give the exact plan our customer require basis no. of pages, content type etc., hence, saving your money.

How important is up-time of a website and how much is yours?

Uptime and speed for websites are very important and may have an impact on search engine ranking and your site visitors, no one likes a slow loading website. We provide an uptime of 99.9%.

What determines the website loading time?

Geographical location of the server is a major factor which determines how fast your users can access your website. If you are in India and your website is hosted in India your site will load faster compared to a data center in US. Use the server of the country where your target audience is based. Quality of the data canter and the network used also affect the loading time.

Do I need a database?

Database is not required for a static website, if you are using a Content Management System like Wordpress or Drupal to run your website, a database would be needed.