Static website vs dynamic website

 When developing a website a question which come to our mind is "Do i need a static or dynamic website ?"  well both static and dynamic webpages are made from HTML codes but dynamic websites will have additions php / jsp / asp "server side" codes within the HTML codes so that they can fetch content from a database and present it in front of your as a familiar web pages which we see on the screen
Static Websites     A brief on Static web sites.

choosing a nice domain name.

Selecting a domain name when only a few domain name are left a domain name selection process is tough and sometimes heartbreaking .. but don’t give up u will get your domain do lot of Brainstorming before you finalize your domain name.

      Rule # 1 :     Don’t rush up and take a domain, think properly before you chose your domain.

      Rule # 2 :     Your domain name should be memorable

      Rule # 3 :     Your company name and your domain name should be the same