When developing a website a question which come to our mind is "Do i need a static or dynamic website ?"  well both static and dynamic webpages are made from HTML codes but dynamic websites will have additions php / jsp / asp "server side" codes within the HTML codes so that they can fetch content from a database and present it in front of your as a familiar web pages which we see on the screen

Static Websites     A brief on Static web sites.

     A static web site is one where all the pages in a website are made in advance, and don't change hence the word "Static" a static web page is a simple html page, that is presented the same way each time it's requested, each page is a separate document and there is no database involved, the only way to edit a static webpage is to download the page edit the HTML and upload it back to the server which we would happily do it for you with ease. Cost wise a static web-site is cheaper to design, customize  host and easier to maintain.

     Static web site are suitable for small companies or personal pages which wont require lots of pages or regular updating.

A brief on Dynamic web site.

A dynamic web site is one which is designed to accommodate regularly changing content. A dynamic website is written using complex codes In technical terms, a dynamic website uses a database and server side scripting. a  template pages is designed which will query from a database depending upon the page which is requested. When a request is made, web server runs the "Server Side Scripts" and will will create the web page instantly. That server creates the page dynamically hence the term dynamic. Dynamic web sites have other benefits when websites start to get very large, as they make data management much more efficient and your website more expandable. The initial development cost of a dynamic website would be more when  compared to a static site. but it is then flexible and can change and grow along with your organization.

Dynamic websites are suitable for larger organizations or for websites with lots of pages which requires regular content updates.

Static Website & Dynamic Website

> A static website i easy for a web designer to develop hence will cost less to the customer competed to a dynamic site.

Dynamic websites will cost more than a static website because there are lots of programing to be done.

Static websites are more customisable than dynamic website each page can be customised according to the customers requirements if the customer opts for a static site.

Dynamic websites are not as customisable as static websites.

> No additional back-end software's have to be used reducing running cost and server load. Back-end Content Management System (CMS) software's like Joomla, Wordpress, Durpal etc and databases for it have to be installed in the server to run a dynamic website.

> Its difficult to run e commerce website with a static website. e commerce websites can be run with ease.

> Updates to the content of a static website will take more time. as the customer has to send the new content to the Web designer then he will add it to the web server.    Primary advantage of dynamic website over static website is the speed at which content is updated. customers can directly change or add content to their websites with ease with out any knowledge of HTML and other other web technology.

> Files or content is transferred to the server via FTP (File transfer protocol)

Customers or their employees can edit the content of their website in real time ftp is not required.

> If a static website has 30-35 or more pages in it it becomes difficult but not impossible to manage the site.

A dynamic website can have 'n' number of page without any hassle. e.g.: http://www.wikipedia.org/

> Development of a static page is fast when compared to a dynamic website. you could have your own website in days. Dynamic sites will take more time to develop than a static website as there can be lot of programing to be done.

> Easy trouble shouting. Trouble shooting a dynamic website will take more time because of the complexity of the codes.

> Programing language used : HTML + Java / VB Scripts. Programing language used : HTML + PHP, ASP, JSP etc.

> Fast as it is a simple HTML. A bit slower than a static web page due to the additional codes and database queries.

Conclusion :

If you have to update your web pages regularly and if you want to build a website with more than 25 pages go for a dynamic website. If your interest is in extreme customization and looks and if you are sure that you will have lesser than 25 web-pages go for static website. when you work with us we provide both dynamic and static websites at affordable prices.