Selecting a domain name when only a few domain name are left a domain name selection process is tough and sometimes heartbreaking .. but don’t give up u will get your domain do lot of Brainstorming before you finalize your domain name.

Rule # 1 : Don’t rush up and take a domain, think properly before you chose your domain.

Rule # 2 : Your domain name should be memorable

Rule # 3 : Your company name and your domain name should be the same

Rule # 4 : Opt for a .COM as your top level domain extension because people are used to type .com after the name of your domain .. id you chose domains other than a .com you would lose valuable traffic.

Rule # 5 : Get a domain contains or is related to your brand name .. this would provide much more search engine visibility. Eg if you are selling ice creams include the name ice creams inside your domain name eg

Rule # 6 : Keep it as short as possible, opt for shorter domain names rather than long ones, even though 67 characters are allowed in a domain name let’s admit it no one likes to type than long.

Rule # 7 : If you are tempted to use a domain name with numbers eg you should also but the domain and redirect the traffic to

Rule # 8 : Ensure your domain name is not someone else’s trademark, none if us want to be sued right

Rule # 9 : Register with a reputed domain registrars . They provide faster DNS updates and wonderful tools and options to manage your domain which some down market registrars may not be able to provide you. I personally like and with their discount coupons I think they are the cheapest in the world.

Rule # 10 : Your domain name should not be confused with others make your domain name as unique as possible.

Rule # 11 :Read Rule # 1 & Rule # 2 & Don’t Give Up.