Websites For Corporate

Stunning, Unique & Well Designed Website

Websites for corporate are designed keeping in mind the internal and external customers, the latest market trends and not to forget your competitors.

We build awesome sites for you ensuring the prominence and zest of your brand. Impressive designs and easy to use interface are a sure advantage to a website.

Are you losing your customers to your competitors? Their better presence online is taking away the technology driven masses impacting your business.
Make a stunning presence in the digital world too a website which is clear and loud.

Attention To Detail

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Integration with existing graphic design and logo

We know the countless hours you had spent on developing your successful brand and style. While designing corporate websites, our web designing team is cognizant of the corporate guidelines and principles. The design is a pixel-perfect mix of modern creative themes and the company’s standard and values.
Be it the website or the internal corporate portal requirement, our web designing company is the best choice for you. All aspects are trivially integrated within the website and there is not the tiniest of detail missed. and if you are in Bangalore we can meet your team and work along with them.

Website Optimized for Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Visitors

We build responsive websites that performs well on mobiles, tablets, desktops or any device with a browser.

People may access your website on different devices with various screen sizes probably and different browsers, scaling the website to the user’s screen size is a factor in reducing the bounce rates of your website.

As we want to keep the probability of conversion to the highest we do not want the audience to leave as soon as they come.

Equipped With Content Management System Of Your Choice

Content Management Systems allow you to easily edit or update your corporate website with latest information and offers.

You can choose from any of the open source content management systems we offer. We make websites in Drupal and WordPress for informational sites and Magento, WooCommerce and Zencart for eCommerce websites.

Our web development team would educate your team about the CMS and train them to make changes in your corporate website.

Being open source, there is ample information and solutions available online it will easy for you to hire someone to manage your site if required, for any unresolved issue, our web design company is at your service as your vendor.

Other Benefits

FREE hosting services for the first year.
Lifetime support for the website we make.

Well Optimized for Search Engines

Websites are developed to have a better ranking on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The design and content are optimized for search engines. In case of old websites that need to be redesigned, we retain the old URLs so that the website ranking is not lost.

Usability And Speed in mind

The visitors stay on the website if it is fast and provide information easily. Navigation should be clear and direct the user smoothly. Speed and easy use are two major factors in holding the potential lead to your website and we make sure of achieving it for your website.

Multi Language & Localized Corporate Website

The Internet has made it easy for companies to offer their services and goods across the globe. Communicating with people in their local language builds a better connection with a corporate website's visitor, therefore resulting in attracting potential customers and higher conversions.

We try to understand the culture, preferred colours and what meaning it has in different regions then design the website and content accordingly. Your corporate website is built keeping in mind the local culture of your target audience.

Build your website in multiple languages and communicate with the local audience in their own language.

NDA & SLA Singed On Request

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
As large corporates you have sensitive and confidential information which has to be kept safe. When we work along your team as your vendor we ensure your information is keep confidential and private. If required we will sign an NDA.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)
As your vendor we know you have high expectation from us, we can sign a SLA that clearly defines the services and the service standards.

Work Along With Your team

We work along with your team. This helps to understand your total requirements and achieve the best results for your website within the deadlines.

We Retain Your Website Structure

We think it’s important to retain the URL structure of your old corporate website, this is to ensure you don’t lose your search engine rankings or inbound links to important pages in your website.

If there are plans for a URL restructure, proper care will be taken to redirect the old URLs to the new pages with proper redirect error codes. We retain your previous efforts and success of your website.