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Laravel framework enables rapid web application development with PHP,  scope of development and customisation is endless when developing with Laravel, Laravel can be used to develop web applications, RESTfull APIs, Cloud Based SaaS Applications, Social Media Websites, Web Portals. etc.. Scalable and feature rich Laravel has high availability, stability, security and beautiful code along with an active open source community.

We are a leading Laravel Development Company based in Bangalore, India.

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Benefits of Laravel & when to use Laravel!

Laravel is used when you need features which are not generally available in CMS or E-commerce Frameworks, like Drupal, Wordpress or Magento. Building your web application with Laravel can offer a common API interface for Mobile & Web Applications where both web and mobile app will access. Use Laravel for developing your web application if there are lots of custom features say like a Chat Application, A social networking application, or a completely customize ERP or CRM tailored for just your business.

Laravel is costs less compated to regular PHP development as most of the basic features are built in Laravel

Laravel Development Process

Laravel is packed with lots of features which includes authentication, database access, etc.. so as a development company we can straight jump into the business logic of the application and not worry about the foundation.

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Performance & Scalable